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Corporate Benefit Consultants Ltd. specializes in the design, implementation and service of Employee Benefits, Registered Pension Plans and Group RRSP’s.

Partner with Corporate Benefit Consultants and get expert advice, professional plan management and quality service. Our clients save time, money and effort, and they gain a better understanding and more control of their benefit plans. they look to us for help in designing, implementing and promoting their benefit plans. They depend on us for the latest cost-containment strategies to bring them more for their investment dollars.

Clients also call on us to negotiate and review premium rates with insurers on renewal. Our experts analyze insurer’s renewal financial information and prepare opinions on the underwriting approaches best suited to particular groups.

Member of The Alliance of Benefit Consultants

The Alliance of Benefit Consultants represents an affiliation of independent consulting firms located across Ontario. Through this unique alliance, we are in a position to provide value-added products and services that are not normally available through our competitors.