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Group Insurance Plans

Clients draw on our experience across a wide spectrum of group benefits. In the are of  Group Life, Accident, Health, Dental and Disability coverage the following services are provided:

  • Assistance in design or re-design of benefit programs, including Flexible Benefit plans and Health Spending Accounts.
  • Obtaining quotations from insurers based on detailed specifications, analyzing the quotations received and providing recommendations in a report format for selecting appropriate insurers.
  • All necessary assistance in the implementation of any benefits, plans or changes including preparation of announcement material.
  • Reviewing of policy documents and assistance in the design of employee booklets.
  • Negotiations and reviewing premium rates with the insurers on renewal.
  • Analyzing the financial information from insurers on renewal and commenting on the underwriting approaches or concepts best suited to the group.
  • Assistance in design, financial analysis and management of self-insured plans.
  • Specific studies, such as: cost containment, absentee control and disability management, effect of aging population, demographic shifts, etc.
  • Assistance to whatever extent is required in resolving unusual claims and administration problems.
  • Help with Union negotiations as they pertain to our sphere of responsibility.
  • Third Party Administration, Claims Adjudication, U.S. Benefits, Travel Insurance, International Insurance.
  • Self Insurance support – Self-Insured doesn’t mean going it alone. For clients with self-insured plans, we offer expertise in design, actuarial costings and plan managment.

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