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Industry News

Are you interested in what’s happening in the industry? Are you looking for specific information on health, group insurance or retirement planning? On this page we’ve provided downloadable articles, studies and news information written by industry specialists and links to other websites that you might find interesting. Come back and visit this page often as we will publish new information as it becomes available.

Corporate Benefit Consultants Newsletter –  CBCL Advisor

Articles, Studies and Publications

The following documents require require a program other than your web browser to open them. PDF documents require Adobe Reader, a free download from Microsoft Office documents may require an Office document viewer (also free downloads), if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Please see the following websites if you cannot open documents downloaded from this page.

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Microsoft Office Website – Download Office Viewers

Focusing on Wellness

Wellness in the Workplace

Active Living

The Business Case for Active Living

News Links

Great-West Life Assurance Company — Publications
Manulife Financial – Employee Benefit News
Manulife Financial – Group Admin Update
Standard Life Assurance Company — Wellness Information
Sun Life Financial — Financial Planning Reference Material
Sun Life Financial — Focus News


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